Here are the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2016

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Here are the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2016

Each month, a new range of free downloadable games becomes available to North American, European and Australian PlayStation Plus subscribers, with titles across PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

We suggest you grab these games while they’re free, as you’ll then be able to play them as long as you have an active Plus subscription.

As the free games are refreshed monthly, we’ve taken the liberty of keeping you updated on the titles that are being offered.

Here are your free PlayStation Plus games for August 2016, which will be available from Tuesday, August 2 (PDT).

PlayStation 4

Tricky Towers – looking a bit like Tetris at first glance, this physics-based puzzler from WeirdBeard Games has you trying to stop your tower from tumbling over as blocks keep dropping from the sky. Especially fun in competitive multiplayer mode.

Rebel Galaxy – a space combat game from developer Double Damage, Rebel Galaxy has you piloting a massive destroyer in a procedurally-generated universe and taking on jobs as either a mercenary-for-hire or a space pirate.

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PlayStation 3

Yakuza 5 – explore the Tokyo underworld in the fifth instalment of Sega’s epic gangster saga. In Yakuza 5, you will experience the stories of five seemingly disconnected characters who are all united by a series of tragic events.

Retro/Grade – got an old last-gen Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller lying around? Well, you can use it to play this unique rhythm/shoot-’em-up hybrid which is like a traditional space shmup that plays in reverse.

PS Vita

Patapon 3 – the third and final game in the Patapon series, Patapon 3 sees our tribe opening a mysterious box, in turn unleashing the Seven Evil Archfiends into the world. Now, the Patapon must defeat them.

Ultratron – an arcade throwback inspired heavily by the classic Robotron 2084, Ultratron aims to bring that addictive and intense gameplay into the 21st century with an ultra-modern sheen.

Join us next month as we update you on September’s free PlayStation Plus games!

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